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Our Sixty-Ninth Year
The Oldest Continuously-Active Contest in Sport

Time left to enter and perfect your ballot. "Pre-season" rankings every Monday for paid ballots.

Introducing the new Three Hundred Club Bowl:

The Sixty-Ninth Season of the Three Hundred Club begins with a brand-new Bowl; original Bowl out of space for engravings; you can be the first Winner!

After sixty-eight years, the original Three Hundred Club Bowl is full and unable to bear more annual engravings. After much thought and searching we have bought a new sterling Tiffany Bowl, pictured above, which will carry the Names, Years, and Winning Averages of future 300 Club Winners for many years to come. This year, 2019, is your chance to be the first Winner engraved on the new Three Hundred Club Bowl! 2019 Ballot Deadline Monday May 13
2018 Weekly Contest Winners
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