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Our Seventy-Fourth Year
The Oldest Continuously Active Contest in Sport

A ballplayer needs his hands

Dodgers' Mookie Betts, selected on 74 of 75 300 Club Ballots this year, suffers broken left hand on Sunday; time on IL unsure; he needs 171 more PAs by year-end to qualify for title; Batters Contest roiled yet again -- who are your Alternates?

As all baseball fans know, Mookie Betts is a ballplayer for the ages. He is supremely talented on both sides of the ball, a joyful and skilled competitor, a student of the game and its history, a gentleman, and a Sportsman. Yesterday he was hit on the top of the left hand by an inside pitch, breaking a bone, and will be out for some time. While it's presently thought he won't need surgery, any hand injury can be career-threatening to a baseball player, and it is devoutly hoped here Betts returns soon, and healthy. (Photo: Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)

Congratulations to this week's winner Ed Cipriano

2024 Weekly Contest Winners
Week Ending Member Average
06/16 Ed Cipriano 331
06/09 Milo Joslin 363
06/02 Richard Sanderson 314
05/26 Grant DeVaul 315
05/19 Nels Lauritzen 336

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